Our Noninvasive, Remote Wireless Sense4Baby® Maternal Fetal Monitoring System is FDA cleared to perform Nonstress Testing (“NST”) / Cardiotocography (“CTG”) for Normal and High-Risk Pregnancies. The S4B System combines a smart wireless device and secure HIPAA–compliant cloud technology for use by medical professionals and by patients self-monitoring from home/remote environments. Monitoring can be done globally, anytime from anywhere, live streaming or from our HIPAA compliant cloud hosted data storage. Over 50,000 monitoring sessions have been completed.


    The system includes:

  • Doppler Ultrasound Sensor – Proven reliable to accurately monitor fetal heart rate – successfully monitored twins
  • Tocodynamometer – Monitors uterine contractions
  • Pulse oximeter – Measures maternal heart and oxygen saturation
  • Smart wireless tablet – Data display, temporary data storage for encrypted data transmission to a HIPAA compliant cloud-based portal
  • Web-Based Globally Accessible Portal – HIPAA-compliant encrypted patient database of test results, trended biometric data and patient demographics for clinicians, viewable anytime from permanent data storage or live streaming, anywhere via internet connection
  • Accessories – Quick Start Guide, Power cables, battery charger, and other
  • Compact carrying case – Self-contained case weighing approximately 3.5 lb




Here is another video of how Sense4Baby works.

Device Features:

  • The large, easy-to-use touchscreen displays fetal and maternal heart rate tracings
  • Visual and audible indicators for Fetal Heart Rate detection and signal strength
  • Record on the device or stream in near real time NST/CTG session to the web-based portal
  • Data accessible from Cloud Storage or streaming in near real time
  • Smart LED display shows Bluetooth and TOCO connections
  • Smart LED shows operation modes including battery status
  • Fetal movement detector and signal quality indicator
  • Automatic session data storage
  • Supports both US and international CTG standards
  • Portable, lightweight, easy to clean, reusable
  • Battery life up to 8 hours between charges
  • No skin abrasion
  • Electronic Medical Record Compatible
  • User friendly
  • Quick Start Guide with high Satisfaction Rating
  • Expedited shipping available



The Sense4Baby® system makes it possible to monitor pregnancies anytime, anywhere.

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