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Advanced Maternity Innovations Is An American Digital Health Information Technology Company Headquartered In Houston, Texas. We Are Committed To Improving the Quality Of Women’s Healthcare by focusing on reducing the occurrence of Premature Births, Maternal Deaths, and Fetal Deaths. Our Systems Proudly Display “Made In The U.S.A.”.


  • We practice the principles of Luke 6:31 as our Code of Corporate Conduct and Ethics… “and just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise”
  • We strive to be a better Partner than our Partners
  • We view the Patient and the delivery of the highest quality of healthcare as our most important consideration
  • We demand integrity and expect accountability from our associates and ourselves....



Our Advanced Maternity Innovations Sense4Baby® System is a FDA cleared non-invasive, smart wireless remote electronic Maternal-Fetal Monitoring System for Normal and High-Risk pregnancies monitoring expectant Mom’s in remote locations, such as home, and/or in a clinical environment.




I monitored 2x weekly at home for my gestational diabetes and a few other high risk factors. I became very comfortable with using the kit…, which proved to be a great tool not just for non-stress test baby monitoring but also for early stages of labor. I was surprised to go into labor 6 weeks early. In fact, even as a second time mom, I was in denial for a half day at home and was trying to convince myself that I was just experiencing Braxton Hicks. I remembered that my Sense4Baby kit also measures uterine pressure, so I hooked up and was able to confirm that I was having real, regular contractions and not false labor. It was such a mental relief having objective data in front of me and not having the pressure of having to track the contractions on my own. It was worth the value and I would do it again. -Kelly R.

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