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With the Sense4Baby System Clinicians Can Monitor High-Risk Pregnancies From Anywhere, Anytime

The Sense4Baby system combines a smart wireless device and secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud technology, enabling clinicians to perform cardiography for high-risk pregnancies remotely.

  • Can reduce risk by accelerating decision-making and intervention
  • Enables collaboration by providing all care team members with remote data access
  • Helps enhance quality of care by extending clinicians’ reach

Product sheets, brochures, and quotes are available upon request. Click here to review our privacy policy, terms of use and warranty.

Important Notice to All Sense4Baby Customers: 

  • The latest Sense4Baby Application & Portal release v2.2.1 was made available on 9/08/2017.
  • Due to a security upgrade ALL devices in the field must be updated to the current software version in order for the devices to remain functional.
  • If your devices are not using the current software version and currently not set to automatic update, you will have to manually update each device. You can check if your setting is set to automatic update by logging into your portal and review the setting as follows:
    1. Go to the “Devices” option on the menu after logging in.
    2. Review the “Enable Application Update” field which can be found in the left lower corner section of the portal “Devices” page.
    3. Make sure the setting is set to “Enable” unless you do not wish for an automatic update and will perform a manual software update before 9/18/2017. If you have enabled automatic updates, the application will prompt you to upgrade upon opening the application.
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact AMI or the support team, if you have any questions regarding this required security update.

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